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Anyone re-pin a Molex Connector?

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Has anyone done a repair on a Molex connector??
I have a broken wire on the TCA plug so I need to re-pin the broken wire to get the bike running.
What I really need to do is re-pin all 6 of the pins in the TCA plug so all the wires are the same length.
I can get the new pins and if needed I can get the new housing which I don't need but I may put a new one on anyways but I don't have the Molex pin crimping tool.
Does anyone know where to get one of the crimping tools besides online because I don't want to wait for the tool to be shipped?
Is there another crimping tool that would work besides the Molex crimping tool?
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I can't find a Molex crimping tool locally. The wire is 20 or 22 gauge wire and I can find the Molex crimping tool online but they go for $100 to $400 (depending on which one I need) with most running around $250.
There are open barrel crimping tools that go pretty reasonable but I would still be spending $30 to $200 for one and I am not sure if these tools would put in the quality crimp needed for the Molex connector for the Throttle Control Actuator.
The crimp on the TCA pins are critical because the voltage at the TCA only needs to be altered by 0.13 VDC to set a DTC and put the bike in limp mode.
I guess it is off the stealership tomorrow to have the dealer do the repair because they have the right crimper to do the job, guess I will see if the extended warranty will cover this repair.
I am not sure how the wire broke but it seems to be stiff so I am would think that 7 years of engine heat & vibration may have something to do with it.
My TCA plug has never been re-pined with the 2011 pins so this is just as good of a time as any so I will have all 6 pins replaced.
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Well I fixed my problem the old fashion way, I just soldered the wire together and put some heat shrink on the wire.
This will work until I get the crimper and do the repair the right way. ;)
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