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So I thought I would provide my experience here for others. One of the things about the new 2019 Boom GTS I was excited about was the ability to have Apple Car Play. I have it in my truck and love it. Use it every single day. Music, and Google Maps is pretty much an essential for me in 2019 at this point. Also kinda nice to let Siri read my text out loud while driving. SO... I really expected the same from my new 2019 Road Glide. As awesome as my new Road Glide is over the 2015 Street Glide, I was pretty disappointed to find out I had to use the new hyped radio just like i did on my 4 year older bike. Which was my iPhone plugged in via the USB and I used Google maps on my phone and music played thru my radio with changing of tracks and art work all thru the radio. Worked well enough on my 2015 model. I ended up getting a Freecom 4 wireless headset a year or two back and that worked awesome too, because I could answer a phone call in my helmet and never touch the phone.
SO then back to the 2019... Dealer says well, Apple Car Play only works if you buy the WHIM and then you have to buy the Harley Brand Headset. Wow... $100's more just to get Apple Carplay. Like $300 for the Whim, plug pay the dealer to install and then flash radio, and then the Harley Stamped head set was another $300ish... so now staring at $700+ just to get Apple Car Play to work.

Then I stumbled onto a thread on this site, and thought I might give it a try to get Carplay to work. Ran to dealer last night and paid them $49 to flash my radio. I simply said, all I want you to do is flash my radio to enable the WHIM. Took all of 5 mins for them to do. BTW... I do NOT have the WHIM. Got back on my bike after dealer flashed the radio, and plugged up my phone and BOOM... Apple Carplay. Works like a top. Now here is my other findings. Harley Headset required. Well... maybe but let me tell you my Freecom 4 works just fine as I utilize it. I dont listen to music inside my helmet. I prefer my music to play on the speakers of the bike/radio. SO that all works perfect. As for the phone use... I can still answer any phone call by pressing the same button on my Freecom 4 as I have done in past. Here is the other thing. THey tell you that Siri wont respond without the Harley headset. Well, not exactly true. I do NOT have my iPhone connected via bluetooth to the BIke at all. I use the USB cord only. I have my Freecom 4 connected to my iPhone via bluetooth (not to the radio). SO if I press the two button on my Freecom on the side of my helmet, I can now say "hey siri" call xyz... and boom. Siri calls whomever and I am off to the conversation. Music stops playing and Im on phone call. When I hang up music resumes just as before (thru my radio speakers). Google Maps or Waze, etc... all work perfectly and the audio directions play right thru the radio speakers telling you where to turn.

SO... long story short. If you want Carplay and you maybe already have a wireless headset that you have been using, I think you will find paying $50 to have the radio flashed to make it think you have a WHIM is really a great option. Hope someone can find this helpful... I am really satisfied with the outcome. The bike should be delivered off the showroom to you with this enabled. Sucks a bit to realize that Harley is disabling the feature by default when its build into the radio already. Its 2019... no new car radio or radio comes without Apple Car Play hardly. So.... on to getting some good riding!!!! Enjoy!


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