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Arc Moto 6.2 Component Set

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*** SOLD ***

I have a set of Arc Audio Moto 6.2 Component Speakers

Just got these monday, bought from a forum member who put an hour on them.

One of the tweeters had a couple dents, I called Arc Audio and they said it won't effect sound. I did some research and managed to fix it (see next post)

I installed them and gave them a test (yeah just tapped the tweeters on :p), video here:

TM400x4ad with Arc Moto 6.2's - YouTube

Great sounding and hit hard and that's with flat settings and the amp EQ turned down! Still not what I'm looking for, I'm chasing that Unicorn some more it seems.

$275 shipped, I'll pay the paypal fees
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts