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Well first off I am sorry I didn't take any pictures. But like the tittle said I changed out my stock CVO system with a Soundz Coustomz level IV system. Removing the faring was easy, just follow the video on Youtube. Easy pezze!!
Now for the install, the plug and play of the Soundz system was first class, no need to cut and of the stock wires. It was a true plug and play install.
Things I learned to pass on. When mounting the amp be sure to put it up as high as you can. I ended up putting the front side of the amp tilted up to allow the fairing to be reinstalled.( I had to do this after it was hitting and would not go on correctly). Do not mount the cross overs on the steel bars behind the lights. You can't put the lights back in after the fairing is reinstalled. I had to reach in an move them to another location to get the lights to go in. I installed the Biketronics 6X9's in the lids. I was having water intrusion into the bags. On the from and back of the adaptor there is a gap that will let water into your bags. I sealed this area with silicone, if I need to remove the adaptor all i have to do is cut that loose. I also went to Walmart and bought some women's legging in neutral color that came very close to matching my Roman Gold paint. I sprayed it down with Scotch Guard water proofer and used spray adhesive to glue it under the grill. now if I do get stuck in the rain it should just run right of and never get to the speakers. Time will tell on this. I did check a left over piece that I coated in the rain and it ran of like water on a ducks back.
All in all it was not that bad of and install. One last tidbit of info. If you have to remove or mount anything to velcro that is in a tight location( like say and amp that you put in the wrong place) Those cheap temporary license plates work wonder. Pry it out and work it in till you can remove it, then hold it in between the two till you have the correct location and slide it out, done!!!
I can not say enough about Peter/ Sue at Soundz Coustomz and there great customer satisfaction. He answered all of my emails and we talked on the phone a couple of times and he was a great help.
I hope this helps someone out.
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