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Aussie 2015 RGS

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I've had my RGS for 2 months and have clocked up 3,000mls now. Finally had the last of the bits I ordered with the bike fitted by the dealer yesterday. Today I fitted some super bright 5" LED spotlights I previously had fitted on the 15 Limited I traded. For now, she's done.

V&H full stainless system
S&S MR103 cams - makes 92.5hp 106.8 torqs
CVO 2 piece seat.
Ohlins rear shocks
HD Premium ride front cartidges
Chrome enforcer whels
Chrome sliders
Slipstream heated grips
HD 300W amp
Boom stage II speakers
Comms kit port
KW 14" dark tint sport flare
Iron Aces iPhone mount
2 x 5" 3600 lumens LED spotlights. Equivalent to 1200w.

I ride interstate at night about once a month. The bright lights really help with them pesky kangaroos.


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Could I trouble you to post a few more pics of the new lights?

Maybe one facing the bike head on with the lights off, then maybe one closer to the bar with the light mounted (light still off), and lastly maybe one from an angle of the side/back of the light.

Sorry to be a burden, but I've been looking at adding a set of lights to the bars to mimic what the passing lamps on my old Road King did - light up the sides of the road at night.

That is the only complaint I've had with my RGS. The deer around here are thick year round, but sometimes are worse than others. Some lights that will take care of things the way the passing lamps on my old Road King did would work perfectly.

Thank you in advance!

Thank you much!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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