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B54 settings?

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I'm almost finished installing everything. I'm using a CV B54, 2 Hertz HCX165's and a PAC converter. I know there are some experts here. 2ohm 4 ohm, bridged or not, so many setting on this amp I'm freakin lost. Those of you running this set up, how would recommend I set the amp?
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This is my first day off so I finished it up and went for a ride. I didn't get as much sound as I had hoped. It's loud enough at highway speed, but it's all highs. I didn't expect any low end but I barely have mids. The gain is about half way, switch is on flat, and about 100 htz. For what I spent I just wanted a little more. I could fine tune some more later I guess, but that fairing can be a pain. At least it was this time. Thanks for the advise! Now on the the next project. Seat cover and exhaust.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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