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I have a baggershield that I purchased 17 months ago. Today I noticed the lower shield center mounting hole had a 2 1/2 inch crack. I called baggershield and they were polite, but they could not cover it under warranty which is only for a year. They did say they would give me 25% off a new shield, but they would have to sell a complete setup and not just the lower part.

I understand warranty for bussiness reasons, but I feel the issue should not have come up in the first place. To make me buy a complete setup I feel is not supporting their product. I hoped they would sell me just the lower shield section, disappointing. No, I did not give them a hard time, I was very polite.

As I was pulling that windshield off it broke in halve. I was lucky enough to have a windvest shield I could put on.

I will not be purchasing anything from them in the future
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