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Have a black 2-1 Bassani Road Rage exhaust system for sale. it was on my roadglide for about 1000 miles and I switched to a set of chrome pro pipes (bike is mostly chrome) pipe has a small scratch n bottom of heat shield and on bottom of end cap from over aggressive riding. nothing major at all. Can text pics for more info text me at 770-870-7660
500 shipped to the lower 48
paypal ok

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Default Selling items on the forum
Apparently sellers and buyers are not reading the rules regarding sales here .. And the admins , myself included , have missed some things we should be catching ..

1) If you put items up for sale and want the buyer to use the paypal gift option , the thread will be deleted .. The buyer has no recourse as it isn't intended for internet sales use ..

2) The rules regarding sales are in each for sale sub forum at the top in a sticky

3) No pictures , the thread will be deleted , no more "I will put up pics when I get home" or the like

4) No price , thread will be deleted

5) If you post a price with OBO , that is OK , if the price is "make an offer" , it will be deleted ..

6) Pics must be your item , not a screen shot from the manufacturer of the item .. If it is NIB , say so and do your best to show the item if you don't want to remove it from the box ..

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