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This is my other battistinis and Arlen Ness Chrome Set

They are one of the best in the market
You want your bike stand up, this set will do the job

The set Include:
1 Wireframe Break arm and peg part # 50-552 fit 2008-20013 retail $409.99
1 set of Wireframe Toe and Heal shifter with pegs part # 50-467 retail $489.95
I set of your choice of handlebar grips retail $299.95 (the deep cut is FBW and the oval is for cable bikes)
I set of Arlen Ness chrome deep cut part # 06-838 retail $399.95

Believe it or not total retail is $1600

$1100 + $38 Shipping to your door PayPal only

Please E-mail me with any questions you may have yo [email protected]

Ride Safe


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