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Ok, my problems started a few weeks back. I fired up my bike, 2012 FLTRU, and it was idling kinda high but I didn't think much of it. Off I went to a poker run. I made it about 2 miles down the road when the bike goes into limp mode with engine light. I was able to putt into a parking lot to see what was going on. I didn't find much obvious. The bike ran but had virtually no throttle response. I was a few miles from a dealer so I limped it there which was no easy task with virtually no throttle I couldn't go over 15mph. Anyway, dealer says, bring it around back. I figured I'd "limp" it around back but when I fired it up it ran like a champ....too much of a champ though, the idle was at about 3000 RPM but I did have throttle again. Dealer gets to it and took off the tuner (fuel moto micro tuner) and thinks they have it licked but even without the tuner the bike did the same thing. Tuner goes back on, after more time the tech says the throttle control actuator was bad and replaced it but I had no throttle. Well the TCA work was covered under warranty but 3 years back, I put 12" ape hangers on so the throttle issue wouldn't be covered. Their theory was it had a worn wire.

So last night I tore down the bars and thoroughly looked at every problems and I now have full throttle but I am back to having a high idle. Now, I'm not saying they didn't do they work, but I never heard the bike run at normal idle after they did the warranty work, I was not home when they delivered the bike back to my house. So, here I sit, looking for help.

As it stands, I have throttle but high idle, no engine lights. At start up it's easily 2000RPM but has been up as high as 3000 RPM at startup. I have tried the reset of the throttle cycle with no luck. I don't know if there is a certain interval that should be used between the ons and offs but it hasn't worked for me. Any clarification would be awesome. I have disconnected the battery for 5 minutes as was suggested somewhere else but that didn't help. I'm thinking complete reset of the ECM? Is that possible and would that affect my tuner? Oh, and I have put dielectric grease at the connector of the TCA and the purge tube on the throttle body is good, just a couple things I came across while researching solutions.

Any help is appreciated.
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