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Best place to buy amp + speakers?

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Time has finally come to order speakers and amp for my '13 RG Custom. I plan to do a pair of 6.5's in fairing another in lowers with CVO speaker pods (thanks Jon @horny Toad). I am planning to go with Rockford PBR amp and Infinity Kappa 62.11's.

My question is where is everybody ordering these from? They seem to be the popular choice as far as bang for buck. I used to easily find the 62.11's on Amazon but now I cant seem to find em.

Lastly, I know I need 6.5" adapters for fairing speakers and a wiring kit, anybody got recomendation on where is best to buy these?

thanks guys, cant wait to get this installed and put it to use!

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Mine was all Fosgate and it came from Bagger Nation in Phoenix.
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