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Better seat for Fat Guy

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Looks like I'm getting a 2015 RGS. I've been pretty okay with the stock seat on my 2011 RGU, but the 2015 doesn't feel as comfortable on the test rides as my worn in Road Glide Ultra seat. What's a good option for someone over 300#? Going down and back a tad would help as well. Thanks!
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Danny Grey Air hawk Big Seat with gel installed under the Air hawk. When I got my seat I was 6.3 and 375 lbs and couldnt find a seat that I could spend more than a few hours on. Once I figured out how to dial this seat in (pump built into side and I kept over filling it think like I do with most things that "more is better") I could go all day. I have almost 30,000 miles on the seat now and it is still absolutely the greatest seat I have ever used on a mc. I no longer weigh 375 lbs but still will never use a different seat.
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