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Just replaced the entire rear end on my 2012 custom as well as exhaust system: the following parts are available:


Stock Head Pipe w/cat $50 SOLD

The following parts are OEM BBP:

Rear Fender with Custom Dynamics DYNAMICS LEDS clear lenses FITS ALL WITH NO CENTER TAIL LIGHT AND curved license plate holder SOLD

Blue Pearl Saddlebag Bottoms with additional gold pinstripe as shown $300 FOR THE PAIR

Frame/Side Covers Big Blue Pearl w additional gold pinstripe as shown. FLHX/FLTR/FLHTCU $95

All parts shown are the actual parts shown in the picture, before I took them off the bike. The white dots on the right saddlebag are a reflection of pebbles in the driveway, these are not paintchips. All painted parts are OEM and in excellent shape no major scuffs or scratches.

All prices include shipping in the continental US.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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