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Big Front Wheel Help!

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I'm in last steps of planning my project bike, have the colours, all the extras etc. just don't like the stock wheels from the 2008 bike, just don't go.

I've seen some lovely chrome wheels buy different manufacturers which seem fine.

The one thing my mechanics have come up was did I want to go for the big front wheel like a lot of people seem to go for.

I need some help only having ridden on stock I didn't mind the ride, especially on motorways and on local roads. Now I now a lot of you with the larger front wheels obviously live the US, but I would like to know:

Does having the front wheel have any draw backs?
Does it affect handling?
Knowing most of your roads are straight over there, in the UK they are rare what's the handling like on twisty rural roads like?

Any help really appreciated.


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you may have to lower the front end. if you have lowered the rear already, you will definetly need to lower the front. there are a few threads about a 21 rubbin the inner fender at highway speeds. With that in mind, you may need to raise the front fender a bit. 1/4 " If you can keep the trail similar to stock, you shouldnt see any difference in handling. This would be done by lowering, or raising front or rear to keep bike level.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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