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Bike of the Year 2022 -Congratulations Scott7d

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After another year requiring a tie-breaker vote for Bike of the Year, congratulations goes to @Scott7d for winning BOTY 2022 on! Scott was the March 2022 BOTM winner and at that time was on his way to a 40,000 mile year - many of those miles with his wife on the back to enjoy the ride. By November 2022, Scott and his wife had managed over 100,000 miles on his 2020 CVO covering 48 States and all kinds of weather. Everyone on the forum loved to live his rides through the pictures and tales he told about the roads that lay ahead.

Congrats once again, @Scott7d. Keep on rolling and sharing the ride with the rest of us, please.

His March 2022 BOTM submission: March BOTM

2020 CVO Road Glide
  • Danny Gray Airhawk seat with custom stitched matching backrest pads
  • CR480 cam
  • D&D Billet Cat exhaust
  • Various Custom Dynamics LED lighting
  • Matching tour pack
  • HogWorkz black latch kit
  • Custom shark tank badges
  • 14” JSR Bad Attitude handlebars
  • Sinister Sound fairing speakers
  • Santoro Fabworx red engine accent kit
  • Love Jugs Mighty Mite fans

My favorite thing about this bike is how dependable it’s been. Its less than two years old and about to cross 70,000 miles with no issues. We’ve been to almost all the lower 48 states on this bike and our favorite road so far has been Beartooth Pass. We are taking a 10,000-mile/17-day trip to the Pacific Coast Highway in June which will cover the remaining lower 48 states we need on this bike. We are emotionally attached to this machine and it’s been a huge part of our lives even with working full time jobs. My goal is to have 100,000 on it by end of the year.

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Congrats, @Scott7d !
Congrats @Scott7d!
Welcome to “The Club!”
Well deserved.
Mike U.
Thanks for that write-up, Zedbra. I appreciate the kind words. My wife and I are emotionally attached to that bike and it's been great. Lots of memories in a short amount of time. I'll keep pounding the pavement in order to live up to the honor. Thanks again 👍

Here's a photo with a few modifications since my March entry. Some things that can't be seen are an 800-watt Ground Zero/SounDigital stereo, Legend Axeo front suspension, 14" Super Shox in the rear, and a handful of little cosmetic stuff.

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That's an absolutely gorgeous RG! Congratulations and best wishes for for many more safe miles!!
The amazing part is that @Scott7d 's bike ain't no garage queen that is ridden sparingly! Congrats man!
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Congrats to you Scott!

Keep up with your trip pics, love following your adventures
Congratulations on the BOTY achievement. Thanks for sharing some of those trips with the Forum.
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That’s one great looking sled right there 👍🏻
The bike is amazing, the mileage impressive, and a riding partner to share it all with!
you win more than BOTM
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