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Billet lighted tag frame - for bad dad styled fenders

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I just picked this up for my new fender, but decided to go a different direction. This could be polished out, or what I was going to do, paint it to match the fender.
Here is the description from the manufactuers website.

Billet Unpolished Aluminum 24 LED License plate frame.Not casted.This frame is CNC machined from one solid piece of Aluminum and is custom made to fit a Bagger fender overlay such as Bad Dad.Direct mount to the fender with no backing plate for a flush fit.Left upolished for custom color matching . Ready for primer and paint. The wiring harness and LED's are one assembly and are left unattached for easy prep & paint.The harness and lights are easy to attach with included 3M automotive grade double sided adhesive,the same product automakers use to secure model badges.

Enhances the Phat Bagger style while adding safety,especially with the center taillight removed. 24 bright LED's give some ground effect lighting as you move down the road. 12 LED's on top and 12 on the bottom illuminate your plate that is recessed 1/4". Illumination is from the rear of the frame,nothing protudes out.Includes Stainless flat allen head fastners that fit into countersunk holes for a finished look . Wiring within the frame is double insulated and their is now 12" of thicker guage leads. The durable LED's are completely waterproof.I have ridden many miles with one of these,through lots of rain and many washings,with 0 problems.Please note the Polished version in photos,also available. This frame will only fit a Bad Dad style fender or similar curveature and cannot be reshaped to fit something else.Plates from all states will require trimming for proper fit.Made in the USA
I just paid $90, and nothing has been installed or used. Im asking $75 plus shipping to sell it fast.
I could also paint the fender denim black if the buyer requested at no extra charge.
First picture is of actual plate,.. other pictures are ones installed.

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hey chainsaw,

im interested can you tell me the dimensions of the frame and roughly the dimensions the licence plate would have to be UK police bit picky on plates over here.

Would it fit on a stock rear as Im going for the CVO rear end, with that curvature.


The frame is 7 3/4" long, 4 5/8" tall. Our plates are around 7" long, 4" tall. I know it won't fit the curature of a stock fender now, I test fitted it and it has more curve then the fender does.

where did you find that ? i could only find the Bad Dad chrome trim ($35) ...and the l.e.d. studs ... which i really dont like that well.
Ebay is where I came across him. The guys website is I think he made this one up special for me, as I was in contact with him the middle of December and asked if he could do one unpolished. All others he sells and has sold have all been polished, but I wanted something I could paint without having to do a lot of sanding.
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