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I bought these Bitubo twin adjustable shocks from DK Customs in Jan 2019 for my ’19 RG. They have approx 3K miles on them. They have a 24 mo warranty, so they should still be under warranty.
Reason for selling is both my wife and I have major spine issues (both have serious disc degeneration, and wife also has Tarlov cysts). I’m 64, she’s 60. My wife will be getting back surgery soon. We’ve both been advised by our Dr’s to quit riding, but that’s not going to happen. The Bitubos are a great improvement over the stock shocks, but due to our back issues, I’m going to drop the coin on a set of 14 inch shocks.
Note: the upper rubber bushings in 2 of the 4 shock eyelets are compressed approx. 1/8 inch on one side (see pics and close-up). I noticed this a month after installing them when I removed the shocks to facilitate other maintenance. I sent photos of the bushings to Dan Anderson at Traxxion Dynamics (he does warranty repairs on Bitubos), and he said they were OK and to run them as is (which I have been). I attribute the rubber eyelet bushing compression to the increased shock bolt torque on this bike, 63-70 ft lb, vs 35-40 ft lb on earlier models.
Also note a small area of missing paint on one shock’s upper eyelet. This is a result of my ignorance when I first installed them (didn’t realize the right shock had to be shimmed out with the supplied bushings to clear the brake caliper). It’s only paint, no damage to the metal (can’t be felt with fingernail).
Everything that came with the shocks new is included except for original box. They were set up by DK for my 185 weight, and wife’s 120 lbs. I added 3 additional turns of preload to them. Included manual give recommended preload adjustment. Adjusting them is very simple for anyone's weight…
$350 shipped. shocks 2.JPG shocks.JPG eyelet.JPG Paint.JPG
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