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Just wanted to give you my thoughts on my latest purchase of the MPOW 4.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiving Adapter.

I wanted the ability to use bluetooth from my phone so I can listen to music and hear the directions when Im using the navigation. It seems when I use a standard Aux chord or 3.5mm chord you lose sound and quality, at least for me. I would have the volume up so loud to hear the music that when a navigation instruction came across the speakers it was hard to hear and to understand. With bluetooth you don't lose that quality. I tested it in my garage but will road test it Wednesday.

First impression, sound quality is definitely better. I do not think It will be able to stay plugged in using the short silver double sided 3.5mm jack. I think it will be too loose for road vibrations. I'll probably use a long chord and just keep it the glove box. Charged quickly, about 1.5 hrs. Very easy to pair.
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