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I have the J&M Bluetooth headset in my helmet. The helmet is a Shoei Multitech Modular. Not sure which model of headset it is, but it has a separate mic on a boom, not the stick on version for the full face helmets.

A couple of questions/issues...

First, I am connecting to a Garmin Road Tech Zumo 665. Whenever I turn on the Bluetooth, I get a consistant hum. I expect silence like I get with my Jawbone when it is connected to my iPhone. It is not all that noticeable except when the bike is not running. When running, it is drowned out by the music. Is this normal? It can get annoying when not listening to music. I only use the Bluetooth with the Zumo, not the radio.

Second, is it possible to replace the boom mic with the stick on one? There is not enough room inside the helmet to put a wind sock on the mic, consequently I get wind noise while riding. I normally ride with the helmet visor up, it is cooler that way. Not to mention, the mic gets in the way quite easily.

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