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I purchased a Klock Werks smoke tinted flare 2 months ago. I went to Klock Werks website to find dealers that participate in the "Try A Flare" program and visited the 3 withing a 50 mile range from me with no luck. They only carried street glide models and nothing for the road glides, and especially the "older models". I ride a '13 RGU.
After a long pissing match with Klock Werks I am stuck with it unless I wanted to pay a hefty restocking fee and shipping both ways on a different model and end up with a $300 windshield that is the same height as the one I replaced.

I had the 12" HD knock-off version of the Klock Werks flare and it was too short at 12". I ordered the 14" KW flare and it is too tall and looking thru the flare portion for road gremlins isn't safe IMO. I have put about a 1000 miles of Colorado's twisties and country riding on it and I have decided to try to cut it down.
Any help with cutting a flared shield is appreciated. I joking thought about cutting 2 eye holes like a pumpkin in it. Or a maybe a slot.
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