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All right the bobber project is on! Here is what i need

2 or 4 under Springer front end wideglide (sorry no DNA's) american made if i don't find one i like am going with the Led Sled one cause they are local.

16 x 3 x 3/4 axel rims/tire set I am looking for either a cheap front wheel so i can mock the bike up or a nice set. I don't mind having someone build them i just need to find good people that come highly recomended. Right now the are at the top of my list:

Hand controls i need single disk (9/16 bore) for the brake and either a hydro/cable clutch. Looking for something cool different but i need buttons for turns/horn.

Those are the high dollar things right now. I will also need a cool headlight, S&S carb, air cleaner, maybe new brakes or other dressed up sporty parts.

Let me know if you have anything. Once i start striping it down i'll start a build thread.
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