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Congradulations to 09streetbobber on winning the July Bike of the Month!! Here are the details about the bike.

Well the bike started out stock as most do. I bought it in November 2011 from Barnett Harley in El Paso TX. As I was leaving El Paso I passed by a ford dealership. There it was, the color I wanted! There was two 2011 mustangs parked next to each other. GRABBER BLUE! The stood out like no other! So I had the bike I was gonna build and the color it was gonna be but everything else was still up in the air but one thing was sure.... It was gonna be a neck breaker!
So the parts buying began!! I started out ordering a 23" wheel from southern wheel. I at least had to have a wheel of some sort for the annul toys for tots. But as some know wheels are made to order so like always disappointment came when the toy run came and went and still no wheel. When the wheel finally came I threw it on. Drive it down the road and when I got back I took it off... It wasn't big enough! Sold it and a 26 was on its way!
In January I took the family to Phoenix for supercross. While there I stopped by Sinister industries. Like a kid in a toy store, I wanted everything! 6k later I was on my way home with a truck full of parts! Once home I tore the bike down and the build was on!! I'm sure most of you followed my build thread so I I'd hate to repeat myself. Five months later this is what I built in a two car garage. I'd like to thank my best friend G. My painter Nick from Chubbz Paintwerx. Guy from Guys upholstery. Paul at native customs. Arnie at tricky air and billet. Alan from bagger concepts. Shaun from Sinister Industries. And most of all my wife! Thank you all for the votes! This was not expected! Thanks for a great forum!!

2010 Roadglide

26" PM paramount cut contrast
Matching 13" rotor
Vee Rubber monster
American suspension smooth lowers
HHI 6 piston caliper
BCool wrap front fender
Native customs fork tins
Sinister ind:
Dirty bastered windshield
Drop top glove box doors
Stretched tank kit
Seat pan
Side covers
Ppo bags
Smooth rear fender
Oval black lights
Lic plate frame

Freedom performance pipes
RSD Turbine A/C
Sony head unit
Boston acoustics speakers
Gauges by Marty at Gauge mods
Yaffe Turn cig eliminators

Performance Machine:
Rear pegs
Bag latches
Heel toe shifter
Rear brake lever

Cycle Smiths 19"banana boards
Arnott 13" rear air kit
PPG Grabber blue

Paint by: Nick at Chubbz Paintwerx
Seat by: Guy at Guys Upholstery
Assembly by: G and myself
And the pictures, one is of the day he bought it

Feel free to give him a pat on the back for winning.

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Thanks y'all! It means alot! I'm just a small town kid that likes baggers! I'm young and have always been into street trucks and hot rods so I had to put my own twist on this one. I'm ready to build another! Lol

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wow. what a transformation. congrats.

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Daaaamn bro, huge congrats on yer Bike of the month nomination. Definately one-of-a-kind scoot. Hmmm, you mentioned you'd like to build another one ...why don't ya hook mine up??? Lol!!! wishful thinkin huh? Congrats again, ride safe... :cool:
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