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Brake noise

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I just put new D2 Moto Kevlar pads on my 11 FLTRX. Used lube on the back of the pads. The calipers and rotors are very clean. Now I have a humming noise that sounds like a forest of cicadas when the brakes are applied. All bearings are good. The noise started immediately after replacing the pads. Noise comes from both front and rear depending on which brake is used. Any ideas?
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You can also try scuff pad or fine krokus cloth on the rotors when you replace the pads as well as I use a file on the edge of the pads to help seat them better, most riders also don't realize there is a break in period on new brakes, light braking for the first 50 miles or so to be safe.:nerd:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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