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Hi everyone need some assistance, last week I changed my sinister hot rod bars for a set of already wired 12 inch yaffe bars so they unhooked the sinister and plugged the yaffes right in and everything worked perfect. The yaffe bars had black housings so we switched them with my chrome ones and again everything worked fine. The bike is a 2009 cvo road glide with hydraulic clutch.

Today I finally got a chance to take the bike for a nice ride, about a mile into the ride I noticed that my security light on the speedo was on and not turning off? then I stopped at a gas station to get gas when I went to start the bike it wouldn't, then I stupidly hit the button again and the bike lurched forward which it shouldn't do while its in gear. Put the bike in Neutral and held in the clutch and it started so I headed to the dealer now...... I shift into 6th gear no indicator light showing the 6 and also the security light is on again.

Now I get to the dealer they said they needed to reset the codes and the security light is off, in regards to the speedo since I had it sent out to get blue lights for the background I broke it? I told them plug in another speedo and check so they did and that too didn't work? now the genius's are searching the Harley manual to see how to fix the 6th gear light and they cant figure it out? at this point just get me out of this shit!!! should have just left the other bars on. As I gave up another new tech said to me as I was leaving I looked at your bike and the clutch sensor is pushed in and broke that is what is causing the issues but don't tell them I told you I am new and it will cause issues just bring it back tomorrow and I will fix it so that is what I plan to do, they were closing so there was no time to do it tonight. Here's something funny as I was driving home the 6th gear indicator came on along with the security light on the speedo?????? I am so lost????

Sorry for the long post, anybody ever experience this? could this all be caused by that sensor?
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