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Yeah what Steve said. If you're going to the northern end go ahead and do Skyline Drive its pretty cool. Going from north to south it is impressive, maybe south to north not so much. It gets prettier the further south you go, the mountains get bigger. IMO it starts getting really good south of Boone, North Carolina. Thats where the Lynn Cove Viaduct is, the tunnels start, Grandfather Mountain is and on and on. If looking for a place to stay close to the Parkway Boone is a good choice, lots of hotels and restaurants.

If you run Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway to the end then ride over and ride part of Moonshiner 28, and do the Dragon, Cherahola Skyway loop thats about 1000 miles of the best riding in the country!

I'm recovering from shoulder surgery but the Skyline Drive/BRP ride is the one I plan to make when I get back in the saddle to try my shoulder out.
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