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Thought I would consolidate my build thread for easier maintenance:
Below is a list of Mods and links if I have them as well as my opinion.. Any question please ask..

2013 Road Glide Ultra

Engine Build
S&S 124 Low Compression build 134/134 final Numbers

Cylent Cycles outer fairing
Hard to find someone with good quality for a outer fairing.. Cylent was fair but they were quick... Alot of prep and some repairs but over all ok.

Cyclent Cycles Inner Fairing
Changed up and decided to go with something a little better angle wise so I can see the screen.

Dakota Digial Guages
Went with Red Digital Guages

2 Acr Amps 500 watt and 8 Focal Speakers
Loud and clear no matter what the speed.. Very happy with this setup. Sounds Customz did the install.. They even have a trade up program.

14" Badseed Cycles Apes
Been back and forth on bars for a while now, not only with the size but with which ones to get. I saw an auction with these bars and they were what I was looking for. Deep pull back, nice shape 15” high and 14” hand height. Great customer service

Sinister Side Covers
Pop right on easy fit and looks great

Detachable Kit for tourpack
I got this to go with the new fender, Harley makes a kit but it is over 500 bucks. If you piece it out you can save over 200 the only thing you won’t have is the license plate relocation. I just got 2 pieces of metal and used the holes at the bottom of the tourpak to mount it..

Generic Ebay 6" Extended bags beveled
Took off the Long Wide bags to save some weight.. Also went with these bags so I no longer Drag them

Hells Foundry Hidden Fairing Brackets
Great bracket, very easy install.

Floorboard Extensions
Great extensions from eglide goodies I got the 1" ones and they make a world of difference. They only go out not forward. I am 6'2 and I am very comfortable with the extensions.

Windvest 15" shield
Nice shield but too tall, cant seem to find a happy medium

Harley Hidden Antenna
Got this for looks mostly hate antennas. No good for CB of course or really Radio for that matter but I use XM or MP3 player so really doesn't matter.

Roland Sands intake
Love the Roland Sands contrast breather, plenty of leg room still and enough air for the power. This was modified to accommodate 66mm intake.

Power Commander V with Autotune
Started out with a power vision but went with PCV instead. I like the auto tune on the fly features this provides.

Boarzilla 2 into 1
Decided to change up and go with D&D exhaust for performance and sound.

Deamons Cycles Stretch tank
Decided to go with this instead of Yaffe only because of price and the extra .6 gallons. Great tank, console has great shape too it although it was a little too long. It comes raw so there is alot of prep but it is clean. My painter liked the tank alot and had no issues with prep or sealing. Bad customer service when I had issues with the console.

Custom Lepra DLL Seat for the Tank
Didn’t know I could have ordered this from the start but the make a few seats to fit the yaffe tank. I received the seat and it fits like a glove. Very Very happy with it.

TrueKustom Rear Fender
Great fender but cheap paint job, I made the mistake of letting them do it but live and learn. Fender is really nice quality. Had the wrong wiring connections on it, communication was not good with them at all, Still very happy with the fender.

Native Customs 200 Front Wheel Kit
Great customer service, and very easy to work with. Cant wait to get this on

Native Customs Steel Wrap around front fender
Came with the Native Customs Kit

DAPerformance Internal Wiring
Pete was great, Super fast service everything is ran internally now and it is awesome, they also helped me with the kit I need to convert it a hydraulic clutch. Few things were wired backwards and not enough clutch cable but still a nice job

Kuryakyn driving lights
Great lights Very Bright

Generic HiD headlights
Great lights Very Bright

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Thanks, ill keep up the reviews with items and pics.. few more mods to go..

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Ever thought about the pro pipe? View attachment 25119

Nice mods by the way!

Nothing against Franks stuff, heard nothing but good things about him and his stuff.
If you are talking about the stainless one from V&H yeah the sound from that is incredible.. Thats the only propipe I know of.. but they dont have a ghost pipe I need that as well.

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Good Job DS, thanks for the detail review on each mod.
Keep up the good work.

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Have the le-pera DLL seat now much better then expected..

New Fairing coming about 2 weeks.. Next upgrades will be..

Ipad mini fairing
6 polk speakers
2 300watt amps
New speedo housing for GPS that speedo is gone.. :)
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