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Just wanted you to not end up where I am. I looked on Burly Bars website and followed their fitment chart for my 2013 RG Custom that has heated factory grips.
I ordered their recommended 14'' Apes. This bike had a slightly bent set of 14'' bars and the measurements we very close between these two . So far so good, got wiring installed on right side but when I got to left side the i.d. of left bar was .090 under size ? When I called Chad at Burly bars he said that it was marked on the website that they did not fit. But guess what, it ain't there. Long story short ,one 1/2'' drill ,4 drill bits and one buddy to help drill and hold them -now I can install the $270 grips. It dawned on me that had the manufacture opened up the left side same as the right side for throttle by wire,it would have all fit. So I called Chad back at Burly Bar, to explain about the lack of quality control. Their product is only 1/2 finished, he listened but really could have cared less. Just thought you might not want to end up here. It is like "Oh You Wanted Them To Fit ? " Buyer Beware ! Arkie
Burly Listing
14" Gorilla Apes
(14") CHROME (TBW) 1.25" Dia. - 39W-14H-10PB
14" is a great height for Road King, Road Glide and most Softails & Wide Glide Dynas. A true apehanger that'll likely keep you from attracting the attention of the local PD. 1.25" diameter tube tapers down to 1" to mate to your stock controls and runs a 1" clamp area. Bars are dimpled and drilled for internal wiring. Available in chrome or black and proudly made in the US of A.
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