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C&C seats? Anyone run them on the RG?

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Just wondering if anyone is running C&C solo w/backrest and passenger pillion? I see Corbin has a pretty big following, just having trouble stomaching the cost of a solo, passenger pillion, and backrest being 1000+, while I was quoted 600 from Chuck at C&C.
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I run a C & C solo with the backrest too. I've got over 60,000 on it and it still looks and feels as good as ever. I've ridden 15 hour days with it and I can tell you my butt is not the body part that screams. Very happy and would buy from them again in a minute. Plus, Chuy (the other "C") rides a roadie. Sorry, can't help you with any experience regarding the passenger pillion.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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