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C&C Seats

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I thought this would be a gleeming review of an otherwise awesome seat and experience. But I was sadly mistaken. Has to be the single worst experience I have ever had ordering and dealing with a company in my 43yrs of life.

I placed my order with Chuck. After several days of not receiving a confirmation email I call to find out the status of the seat. Come to find out Chuck put the wrong address on the order and failed to even bother with a confirmation email. Several days later no seat. Turns out Chuck failed to put the correct, or complete address once again, but this time tried to blame me. I cancel my order entirely at this point and still haven't received a refund nor product in weeks since ordering. Shame on you Chuck and C&C Seats...very very poor service and attention to customers.
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Have know and used C&C for 10 years on both softail and both RG's. Always top notch to the point that they have let me borrow seats for weeks to see if it is a good fit.
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