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I installed 12" mini apes a couple weeks ago, and at that time I re-routed the stock cables so they would work, and I didn't take any pictures of how the cables were originally. They were a bit tight, so I ordered +4 clutch and brake cables (ABS). Now that I have them installed, I'm not really happy with how they are routed and not sure if I should reconfigure them. I am wondering if someone could post pictures of how they routed their cables after installing bars. (I know everyone is different, and every bar/cable combination will be different, but I'm looking for ideas here) ;) I'd like pictures where the cables go through the nacelle area, and how they go through the front of the frame (inside/outside, etc...)

For instance...
My clutch cable rubes on 2 bolts on the lower triple tree and even though it doesn't pinch anywhere, I don't like it messing up my new black pearl cables.
My brake line doesn't rub anywhere, but looks like it doesn't belong where it is and I can't see any other way to redo it.
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