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Since cams are a part of the intake system I'll ask this question here.

Anyone seen a step by step cams swap for the 07 up twin cam engine?
I need the torque spec's for the cam gears, cam plate, and cam cover.

My shop manuel hasn't shown up yet and I want to swap them before an upcoming road trip.

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I am in Puyallup Wa and have a 2010 touring manual your more than welcome to borrow. I just googled bremerton wa its 50 miles. LOL
At a glance they torque in sequence to. HD forums has lots of good stuff on cam changes more than one write up pics etc. in that forum.

cam cover 125-155 in-lbs
cam support plate 90-120 in-lbs
cam sprocket bolts the large one and small one put a dab of oil on bolt and washer tighten to 15 ft-lbs. Then loosen both bolts one revolution 360 degrees. Final tighten the rear cam sprocket bolt "the small one" to 34 ft-lbs. Final tighten the "large bolt" to 24 ft-lbs.
Notes: uses sprocket locking tool part No. HD-47941

got that out of book I have never done it. This is my first twin cam had EVOs before my streetglide.

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I have a touring manual you can borrow as well

Hey Mike, you may have already gotten what you need, but thought I would chime in and let you know that I have the touring manual as well. I am here in Port Orchard if you want to have the manual handy when you do your install.


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Installed the used SE255's today.
It's the first cam swap I've ever done on a TC so I really took my time.
Started about 11 a.m. and finished up at 8 p.m. That includes a break for dinner.

Things to watch out for....launching the snap ring for the front cam into the garage never to be seen again.
Other than that, it went smoothly.

I did spring for a few of the fancy HD tools to help a first timer.
Cam gear locking tool and the magnets to hold up the lifters.

Upon initial start up it had a nice choppy idle until the lifters pumped back up.

No leaks!!!!

I used the SE quick install tapered pushrod kit. No surprises there.
The cam cover gasket is of the MLS type. Nice.

My back hurts and I'm tired so the first ride will wait until tomorrow.

Plenty of time to ride, I've got the next two weeks off. A quick trip to Az. is in the works.
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