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hi all,

i was looking to do a bolt-in cam swap in my 103". previously i used a shop when i had 254E cams put in. my uncle who has been building race cars and harleys for 30+ years shied me away from doing it myself last time and got my nervous.

how hard of a job is this? once complete i would take it to get a pro tune (i have TTS). i'm familiar wrenching. have swapped out numerous car engines, done lots of bike wrenching, owned tons of bikes, do all my own maintenance, etc. so i know how to turn wrenches, torque things properly, and read a manual lol

my plan was to save the cash i would pay someone else for labor on good tools. that way in the future i can do it again or for friends.

i don't plan on pulling the heads. will just be bolting in cams and using adjustable push-rods.

for those that might want to know i wanted to try the t-man torqster 555.

also, what special tools would i need?

He walks you right through it.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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