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Carls Speed Shop (Daytona)

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I have to mark out to Carls Speed Shop in Daytona, after numerous attempts at tuning from my local stealer I decided to take it to a real shop and am I glad I did. The bike is smooth and fast from bottom of the rpm range to the top, got to meet Carl and his wife and their son Doug that did the tuning on my bike. Class act family business, if you’re in Daytona for bike week stop by and see there facilities.
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Well I must be the exception , they built my last bike and I would never use them again . I had them do heads , cam , throttle body , pipes etc. He guaranteed certain numbers if I did everything he recommended . When I picked the bike up it ran good and had a lot more power but he wouldn't give me a Dyno sheet , said the printer broke . Rode it home 2 1/2 hours and when I got off the bike my base gaskets were leaking , called them and they said bring it back . Took it back the following week and they fixed it , road it back home and when I got off the bike noticed my rocker boxes were now leaking , called them back and Carl said the chrome was peeling bad on my rocker boxes it's not their fault he doesn't want the bike back , I said ok I'll have the local Harley shop fix it . Take it in to the local dealer and tell them what Carl said and told them to but new rocker box covers on and gaskets . They take my bike back and in a little while call me back and show me the rocker boxes are fine , no peeling chrome , they said the bolts weren't torqued down and he had used dried out cork gaskets , they replaced the gaskets with the rubber ones torqued it down and no problems after that , I had them pull a Dyno run and the numbers were 10 hp under what Carl promised . The bike ran great after that so I was basically happy at that point , Doug did try to make things right but Carl wouldn't let him , basically after Carl got my money he was done. I'd never use them as long as Carl is alive , Doug is a good guy.
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