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Here is their website for further info-

You'll notice on their website they have different models for 2006-2008, and 2009-2013, however they will fit all of these year ranges, as I was told by CCE and the guy I bought it from that the only difference is that with the 2009-2013's, you need to add the fork stops (donuts), which I bought and will include with the kit.

Of note is that the fork tube nuts included are for bikes that are running the Progressive Suspension cartridge fork kit. If you have an OEM front end or another aftermarket cartridge kit, you will have to inquire with CCE to see if they will work, or if you would need to buy another set from them. This was never installed this on my bike.

Asking $575.00 US plus actual shipping cost from zip code 14305. I'm in Canada, so no problem shipping within Canada as well, or delivery in the GTA.


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