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Center Stand

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Looking for a center stand. The HD model is nice and chromed, but the install instructions look like the frame needs to be damn near empty to install it. I'm considering the Wheel dock model as it installs with just two bolts. Anyone have any experience/insight to share?

Thanks in advance!
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Scott, not to get off topic, but is there a reason why you post in yellow? LOL
I'm dyslexic and the contrast helps. I can't look at the screen when I type, so I look over the mess after the fact. Remember the screens in The Matrix? That's pretty close to what I see after a long day on the PC. If I could just get that flying thing down...

One would assume white text on a black screen would be contrast enough. I gave up on trying to figure it out long ago.
So how hard is it to get the bike up on the center stand, afterall they do weigh close to 800 lbs? :confused:
The Wheeldock video looks simple enough. I ordered mine today. Pics and critique when I get it.
The Wheel Dock stand doesn't lift the back tire off the ground. they recommend parking over a piece of plywood if you want the wheel raised.
Interesting I didn't know they made center stands for these bikes. What is the ground clearance like after installation? Will it hit the ground before the floor boards? I had two other bikes with center stands but removed them due to this issue.
Not obstructive at all. Check out the videos at I'm installing mine tomorrow. Full report to follow.
I installed the WheelDock EZ Up stand on Saturday. Installation was simple. It almost took longer to unpack the stand than it did to install it. No parts need to be removed from the bike to install the WheelDock. Slide it on, tap it in place with a rubber mallet, and tighten the one bolt with a ratchet/socket. It mounts at the rear most point on the frame, under the oil pan, just forward of the rear tire. There's a cutaway for the oil drain plug.

The design is such that there is no reduction in ground clearance. I looked it over closely before installing. This is a very sturdy, well-designed, American made product.

Setting the stand is simple, but it takes a try or two to be comfortable with it. I straddle the bike, push down on the stand, and pull back slightly. It's stable enough that a passenger can stand on either passenger peg and climb on without racking the bike at all. I wouldn't try setting the stand with a passenger on board though. To raise the stand, just pull forward in or out of gear, with or without a passenger. The bar is well out of the way next to the side panel when the stand is raised.

The installation video at web page is outdated. It apparently demonstrates the installation of a previous model that is slightly more complicated. Installation of the 2009/2010 model is very quick and simple.

There is a different wheel dock model for the 2009 and 2010 Road Glides. The 2010 requires the CS-09-L (L is for Lowered). The 2009 requires the CS-09. There are EZ Up stands for earlier models too.

I have no affiliation with WheelDock. I'm just very impressed with their product and their communication with me before and after the sale.
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