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Quick background- '06 RG. 98" Fuel Moto kit with level B heads, ThunderMax Tuner. Had V&H true duals with V&H turn-down slip ons. Was really happy with this set up but got bored with the exhaust sound.

A buddy has the CFR's and I confess- I coveted his pipes... so I got a set.

Love the sound but was really disappointed with the loss of bottom end pull... definitely noticeable.

Purchased and installed the S&S Power Tune Duals yesterday. Pretty impressed with the kit- nicely built, decent quality and went on without any serious hiccups.

Not only am I happy with the look, I'm also pleased with the sound (not quite as nice as the true duals but close) and the pants dyno indicates some power recovery.

I've been searching here and other forums hoping to find some more info about Big City Thunder baffles. I'm hoping to gain back a bit more of the torque I lost.

Anyone have a similar exhaust setup and willing to pass along their experience?

Thanks in advance.

Oh- here's an attempt at posting a pic....


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