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CFR Slip-on Mufflers for 95-16 Harley Touring Bikes. I bought these brand new for my 2012 Road Glide Custom when I had about 2k on it in 2012. The bike now has 16k. The mufflers are in pretty good shape for being almost seven years old. Asking $360 shipped with insurance. Payment through Paypal preferred with fee included in the price.

For those curious, I typically ride 2-up with my wife but the sound has been bothering her a lot lately. I ended up going to OEM CVO mufflers from the same year and she is now very happy. I personally miss the sound but it was way cheaper to quiet down the bike than to trade the wife in for a new model... I will probably ultimately regret going that way, but, what the heck...

Please PM if interested.





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