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Up for sale is a set of "REAL" CFR mufflers. I bought these used about 2 years ago and ran them on my 12 FLTRX with Fullsac 2-1-2 headpipe. They performed well and sounded Awesome.

I have decided to finally go 2-1 and no longer need these. They have some slight scratches and one of them is scraped on the bottom at the end cap from hitting the curb while parking.

The one I was using on the right side has some discoloration near the end connecting to the headpipe. I tried to capture all the major defects as good as possible in the pictures.

I'm letting these go for $200 plus shipping from 91350.

Would I use these?? Hell yes! Especially if I'm not sure what kind of exhaust I want and don't want to spend $600 + for a pipe that I might not like. If they don't sell, I'll keep them in case I ever decide to go back to duals, But for now, I don;t really need them and will let them go.

Paypal accepted.

Thanks for looking.


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