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After being annoyed with the height of the rear of my bike and not really wanting to run lowering blocks i found a guy selling a sef of stock harley "lowered" shocks (11.75" eye to eye) and swiped em up. He told me he advised i change out the shock oil on them before installing so i decided to tackle it today.

Took the fittings off them and turned them upside down and no drainage. After reading and finding out they will take 24 hrs to drip drain I decided to mcguyver it. Bought some 1/4" hose barbs and clear 1/4" tubing. installed the barbs and hose and fed ~10psi to them and let the gates open. Drained em in a matter of 10 secs.

Using the hoses and barbs, i used a measuring cup (10 oz per shock) and a travel size shampoo bottle and I filled them up. Worked quite well actually.

Currently they are standing upright to let any air work its way out overnight.

All in all about 20 bux and an hour of work. Used the Type B fork oil (10wt) for a better ride.
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