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Checking in

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Hey All,
Just traded my '12 RK in on a '15 RGS the other day. The ride compared to the RK is amazing. Great site you all have here, thanks for having me !

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Welcome from Iowa!!!!!
Welcome aboard from NE Oklahoma!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Maryland
Welcome from SoCal!
Went from an 04' Roadking to the 15 RG, so I know what you mean, Congrats and welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum
I went from a '96 RK to a '07 RG to a '13 RG. Welcome from NH
I went from an '02 RK to a '13 RGU, and it is a whole different world. Welcome to the group.
Welcome from Florida.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone !
Welcome from Indy. This is a great site, I think you like it here.
Welcome from Fort Mill, SC and congrats on the new ride.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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