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Checking Tire pressure on 2009 wheels fixed

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Since the dealer agreed to replace my terribly cupped d407 front tire on my 09 RG, I decided to try and fix the difficulty I was having checking the pressure and or filling the tire. I found and bought these:

Got the replacement D408 tire installed last week at the 10K service and had them install these valves. Now I can check air pressure with one hand. Might be a bit expensive for some, but I check my pressure every week and it was driving me crazy. Front is fixed, now I'll do the rear when it wears out.
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Thanks for the link. That is one of a couple things that the moco could have given a little more thought. I'll be getting two.
I put those valve stems on last month. The moco should have put those on from the factory. They work great. I also have noticed that my tires don't lose much air after sitiing for a while. Thanks for the tip.....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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