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Over the Christmas break I installed Daymaker headlights and Adjustable footboards brackets and swept back pans. Here is a breakdown of some issues I had which may help if you are thinking of doing either of these upgrades. All parts supplied by PC_Pain. (Thanks Jon and Dave for all your help); parts fitted to my CVO 09 Orange/Black Beastie.

Decide to do the footboards brackets and pans first; took about fifteen minutes to put the left/right pans and inserts onto the mounting brackets and this is where I hit the glitch!!! If your bike is 09 or earlier you could/may have a problem with the supplied shoulder bolt. (See pics).

The mounting holes on my frame are all 3/8” UNC threads (16 TPI) the supplied shoulder bolt is 5/16” UNC (18TPI) so it won’t fit. Even thought HD’s info says multi fit all models 93 upwards. Spoke with Dave at Horny toad HD he spoke with Harley and got a whoops thanks for the info maybe its not all multi-fit!!:confused:

The idea is you tighten the shoulder bolts then spin the footboard mounting bracket around and insert the top 3/8” mounting bolt; and finish. The solution I came up with was to use an 1-3/4” * 3/8 UNC Cap bolt (also called Allen, or Socket head bolts) which has a shank 3/8” long (almost the same as the HD supplied shoulder bolt) and cut down to 1”; this allows the mounting bracket to be fitted and turned into position for the top bolt to be installed. Long story short; check your mounting whole sizes before you ordering; you may need 3/8” bolts all round like me. Problem appears to be from 09 and down frames; 2010 upwards maybe OK.

Daymaker install was quite straightforward until it came time to mount the front fairing back on. After trying for 2 hrs. 45 minutes (various methods used) I finally got the fairing to sit on the hooks. In the process I scratched both my lowers but the scratches will polish out. What a ball aches to re-mount the fairing. Then I rode to San Antonio for a week without adjusting the light but realized they were way off (too high). Got back from Christmas and adjust them as per the service manual had to drop them a good 36” to get them set. My question is why they cannot be pre-set at the factory? And while I had the fairing off I installed new red LED’s into the gauges.

That’s it for now I can go riding. Yippee!!!!


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