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SOLD-SOLD Chrome Saddle bag guards and support rails. These will fit 09 and later FLHX, FLTR, FLTRU, FLTRX, FLHRSE5,FLHXSE/2/3, FLTRSE3 and FLTRXSE/2 models.

The saddle bag guards are like brand new, no rust, scraps, dings, etc. whatsoever. I mounted them but never rode with them and took them off after I went with a full dual rail saddle bag guard kit.

The saddle bag support rails are the stock rails that came with my '13RGU. I had to cut the end off of them where they mounted to the frame so they would fit into the saddle bag guards. They are included if you want them. They are a necessity on a RG unless you want to buy new ones from Harley.

$75 plus shipping.


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