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OK, I never did one of these, so here we go now that MOST things are done!

2012 FLRTX Chrome Yellow

ABS, Security, and Cruise Control Equipped

14" Windvest
Wild1's 10" Chubby Apes Black
HD Black Tribal Mirrors
Black Clutch and Brake levers
HD Black get a grip Grips
Mustang Solo seat with bulit in backrest
Mustang Passenger seat
Tourpack with premium Hinges
Custom Dynamics LED Dynamic rings front turn signals
Custom Dynamics LED rear turn signals
Custom Dynamics LED Tribar light
Headwinds LED headlights
Performance Machine Contast Cut Bag latches
Performance Machine Shift Levers
Performance Machine Rear Brake Lever
Performance Machine PAssenger Pegs
HD Ventilator Air Cleaner
Vance and Hines Bagger Duals header Pipe
Rinehart 3.5 inch mufflers
Showchrome exhaust tips
Powervision Tuner
Showchrome contrast cut gauge bezels
RG Ultra drivers floor boards with Arlen Ness inserts
HD Anarchy 18" front and rear wheels
Black CVO RG upper cowbells
Chrome Lower Legs
Yaffe front "Yaxle"
HD Black Console Insert
HD push button gas door button (keyless)
HD Premium hand adjustable rear shocks
HD CVO Glovebox liners
HD Saddlebag liners
HD Tourpack Liner
HD Round Horn Cover
HD contrast cut shit linkage
HD Painted Lowers
HD Chrome Timer and Derby Covers
Smoked Turn Signal Lenses
I also kept the travel bags from my Ultra for both the tourpack and the saddlebags.

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Looking Good.....BUT- I think we need to black out some of that Chrome.....I mean on a brihgt & Sunny day- you might blind someone & then you'd be liable for the accident, so in the end I'm just trying to look out for ya !! LOL!!!!!!

BTW- was in Dover this week on a fast overnighter.... next trip up & I have some time, we'll have to meet up for coffee or dinner......Take care bud.....

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That is quite the list and the bike looks awesome. Not sure Q-Hog likes the color though. :p

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Very nicely done! You've got a few $ in that one. lol
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