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the viewing angle of the radio is going to make almost any of them unreadable in bright daylight conditions.

a good old single din radio allows for splash guard

also less is more, sony DSX-MS60, is simple, and has some good tonal points, reverse lit screen

nothing really works 100% it's just a lesser of all evils situation, I have the DSX-310, is feature full, but on the bike, sadly no point, as you are riding
not channel surfing

I can't endorse or reject clarion at this time, if you want something slicker, check out the Alpine radios, but the EQ is limited, harness costs more

there is also parrot, kenwood, jvc, pioneer, blaupunkt, fusion

hawg wired sony install combo kit with MS60 is the simplest route

substitute biketronics install kit for least expensive, but only a few dollars less

as you are aware harley redesigns are few and far between, I don't think in this hi-def world that there will be a move toward sqaure radios, the pattern designed by chrysler in the 50's seems to still be working
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