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Traded in the 2008 FLHTC, I have the following to get rid of:

1. Stock headpipes, very good condition, NO MUFFLERS. Missing a couple of the worm screw clamps and the O2 sensors.
2. Stock front and rear fender tip lights, uncut harness. Two additional lenses and two extra bulbs. Perfect condition.
3. Stock FLHTC and stock FLTRX handlebars.
4. Stock FLHTC windshield, minor knicks.
5. Stock ABS FLHTC lower fork legs, upper cans and axle spacer. All in mint condition, perfect to powdercoat.
6. Stock FLHTC rear light harness, perfect condition. P/N 68772-06.
7. Stock FLHT front bumper, excellent condition.
8. Stock FLHT brake pedal, excellent condition.
9. Stock FLHT front headlight and mounting/support bracket, good condition>>>SOLD.
10. Stock FLHT driving lights, very minor glazing (usual), harness were cut but enough left to re-splice wiring.
11. Chrome side trim + miscellaneous harness for TourPaks.
13. Stock FLHT antenna, not bent or damaged.
14. Stock football A/F insert (96) cut to fit SE and possibly AN round filters.


Please PM me with an email and I will reply with pics of these items.

That's it for now, if I finds some more stuff in the shed or attic will add them

Money orders and Paypal accepted, I ship mostly via USPS Priority Mail except for larger items which usually go Fedex.

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