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didn't know where to put this .
on normal riding , when does a clutch need adjusting or replacement ?
my 2011 is coming up on 50k miles this season .
its all stock. only things I have done/needed are tires, all three oil changes and brakes and air filter and plugs.
is the old adage, it aint broke, don't fix it, apply ?

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I am going to have to say, "it depends".

Behaviors that wear out a clutch faster than normal.

  • Slipping the clutch when taking off.
  • Riding in traffic that causes a lot of shifting.
  • Hard engine braking can depending on how you release the clutch lever.
  • Clutch cable too tight causing the plates to never fully engage.
  • Jack Rabbit starts and constant hard accelerations.
  • Improper fluids.
  • Heavy loads / Pulling a trailer.
Behaviors that wear out a clutch slower than normal.
  • Not riding the bike.
  • Mellow Cruising
  • Mostly Highway riding
  • Skillful shifting.
Preventative maintenance regarding the clutch is more critical if you are planning to venture outside your local range where a buddy can come rescue you. I would only get in there and check the plates if the bike is feeling different, or you have an upcoming tour, or you are doing maintenance/repairs near that area.
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