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New in box.

Isolated Drive System Sprocket Kit

Introduced on the '08 Touring models, the Isolated Drive System improves rider comfort and ride quality by dampening the mechanical noise and vibration caused by the engine's torque pulses. The rubber compensation elements in the sprocket act like a cushion, absorbing the power pulses from the engine. With the IDS installed, the motorcycle feels more refined, and is quieter while accelerating, shifting and cruising. Kit includes sprocket, compensator bowl, and installation hardware.


Fits '07 Touring (except Japanese) models equipped with Original Equipment and Harley-Davidson® accessory wheels. Will not fit with 80-Spoke Laced Wheel P/N 42954-04, Polished Spun Aluminum Disc Wheel P/N 43760-03 or Slotted Six-Spoke Wheel P/N 43932-02 (chrome) or 43933-02 (black).

$175.00 plus $15.00 shipping.
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