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Compression Release ??

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I have been reading several post, and talking to HD Dealer ...Still confused !!
I have a 2011 RG when purchased new had 103 kit , cams , tuner , and breather installed. It has always had issues when starting hot, Kicking back against starter. I have extended warranty and just took it in to HD and they told me they could set the compression reliefs ?? Do I have them ?? I still have the stock 96 heads.

What do I need to do to correct the problem ?

Thanks !!
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The 2011 RGU came with ACR from the factory it also had a 103 from the factory the first non CVO to do so. The rest got it in 2012. Now if someone messed with them they may not be working.
There is good reason they mad them factory you need them.
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compensator,compensator that seems to be a buzz word.
I put over 75,000 miles on an 07 not one issue current owner has over 80K on it now, about 40K on 2011 103 rgu Not one issue until I totaled it. Almost 50K on the 2013 103 until traded, current owner very happy with it.
These engines need ACR on them. There is good reason HD made the standard on the 103's.
When you have engine work done it changes the game ,When that TC86 was built to the 103 if the CR were not right it is hard on every thing from the battery on down. The higher draw by starter wears battery down weak battery adds to the problems. Often with 103 kits you see the ACR not done to save cost. A short cut that comes back to haunt you latter.
I know and ride with a lot of Harley owners riders that do put on some miles , Not 1 of them has ever had a compensator fail not 1.
Can it happen sure .
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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