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Just bought a brand new Kenwod KMR-312. Should be easy.

I was replacing a Boss GPS system becuase the Boss pretty much burned itself up and the same problem I had with the old one I am having with the new one. The light stays solid green, and when I get it solid red via the app on an Android phone, none of the steering controls work.

I connected the pink white from the axxess controler to the pink white going away from the connector harness.

I grounded the pink/white coming from the handle bars. The Harley connector has an open pink/white on both sides of the connector now.

The solid brown wire from the Axxess is connected to the Blue(labeled remote wire) wire going to the radio.

Everything thing else is standard. I am using the Metra 99-9600 mounting kit and harness, so it is just plug and play with the exception of the pink/white and Brown for the remote.

I feel like I am missing something silly, so I am hoping anyone can help me out a bit. Thanks so much for any help.
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